Questions’ forum

  1. Is the app Alertguard chargeable ?

   The app is free, but in order to have a suscription of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months you need to register online

  1. Where to download Alertguard ?

      The app can be downloaded on Google play, apple store and windows  store.

  1. When can we get Alertguard assistance ?

      Alertguard service is available 24/7

  1. At which number can I call Alertguard ?

     1559 when you’re in Ivory coast ( with the applicable tariffs ), you can also chat with our advisors on the « chat » window.

  1. Alertguard is available on which mobile systems ?

      Alertguard is available on Android , IOS and Windows Phone systems.

  1. How to get the max from the service ?

    In order to get an account, you need to go on and go to « create an account ». fill in the online form for registration.

We recommand that you fill as much information as possible so you can have a more customized and effective service.

  1. How do I get a subscription ?

In order to do that, you need to go on the section « Space for members », use your login and password, you need to pay the fees online. There are several tools for that, either Orange Money or MTN Mobile money, Paypal) etc.

  1. How can I renew my subscription ?

To go on in the members’ space, and follow the instructions.

  1. How to change my password ?

To go on, go on the members’ space and follow the instructions.

  1. What are the methods of payment ?

In order to benefit from Alertguard services, all payment methods are online : Paypal, Orange money or a classic credit card.

  1. Can we modify our login Alertguard ?

Your login can not be modified, so please pay attention upon subscription.

  1. How to modify my information ?

       To go on the members’ space, and follow the instructions

  1. Where in Ivory-Coast can we benefit from Alertguard services ?

Alertguard services are available on the whole Ivorian territory, as long as your smartphone is connected to internet.

  1. Which options should I activate in order to send an alert for assistance ?

In order to send an alert to the geolocation platform, you have to activate the GPS and your cellular data on your smartphone. PS : it is important to have a good internet connection.

  1. What could go wrong to prevent me from sending an SOS alert ?
  • Absence of internet
  • Not to have a good newtork or cellular data on
  • A phone non compatible with Alertguard (Blackberry for eg)
  • Bad weather (see general conditions)
  1. What are the windows systems’ compatible with Alertguard ?

Windows Phone 10, Windows phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.

  1. What systems IOS are compatible with Alertguard ?

Alertguard requires iOS 6.0 or a next version

  1. Which devices compatible with Alertguard ?

Alertguard is compatible with Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch.

  1. What Android systems compatible with Alertguard ?

Alertguard is compatible with all androids 2.1 or a next version.

  1. What to do, if we do not receive the confirmation mail or a confirmation of account creation ?

Contact 1599 or send us an email to :

  1. How is my personal data treated ?

Alertguard is commited to take all the necessary measures to ensure the protection of your confidential data, and personal information of our clients. And not to use this data unless for management of clients’ needs and expectations, and can not be used for market studies or frauds’ prevention. Ou can further read in general conditions.

  1. Why all the personal questions on the subscription form ?

 The global assistance service as AlertGuard is about offering you a full service, for this, we need certain personal information about you for eg : your blood group in case of accident, your doctor, your close family members, licence plate in case of a stolen car etc. Phone Numbers of your employees

 All this personal data will never be revealed, and we do not oblige you to provide us with all data. However, for us to provide you with an optimal assistance, it is highly recomanded that you fill in the forms with precision.