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Our satisfied clients

During the night of August the 15th, I have seen from my balcony 4 armed people that were trying to get in my appartment. I have immediately sent an SOS through my smartphone, and I was contacted right away by the call center Alertguard, then the CCDO have sent an intervention team to assist me. Thanks to my suscription to Alertguard, I feel safe now.
Mme Koné,Cocody II Plateaux
Assistance is our core business, and that is why we are putting all our efforts to satisfy our clients whether they are individual or business customers.
I have suscribed my father who often has health problems, so now whenever he has a crisis, he just sends an SOS himself from his smartphone. Alertguard puts him in direct contact with his doctor, this service reassures us and allow us my spouse and me to have time for our business without worrying much.
M. Mobio,Bassam
I use Alertguard services and I am very satisfied about it. Recently, my car broke down at 50 KM from Yamoussoukro on the north high way. Further to an SOS sent from my smartphone, I was geolocated, contacted and assisted with a surprising promptness. Alertguard is a service I would highly recommand to you.
M. Kouadio,Koumassi