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Tailor-made assistance
for your employees

Alertguard is an indispensable solution for risk management and protection of your employees when they travel. Much more than a simple assistance, it is the insurance for them not to be alone in a crisis situation.

In addition to the rapid geolocalized assistance provided to your employees, you are informed of their situation (in real time via telephone call, via a remote cockpit, or even after the victim has been taken care of by electronic reports sent by email).

The information collected allows you to ensure better follow-up and therefore better coordination of your teams' next missions.

A riot, a medical emergency, a fire or a vehicle breakdown ... With Alertguard, benefit from a reliable assistance no matter what situation you are in.

Our application allows an optimal management of emergency situations through a quick response, a connection with competent professionals (from the public and private sectors) and innovative technological solutions (geolocation, call conference, alert reports...)

In one sentence, with Alertguard, never be alone in an emergency situation again.

Mobile assistance for all
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