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Don't be alone during
your travels in CI

You are visiting Côte d'Ivoire and do not know the emergency numbers? You don't know the hospitals, doctors or hot spots in the city you are in?

Subscribe to ALERTGUARD, an assistance service with a mobile application allowing you to send SOS in case of emergency.

After sending an alert, you are geo-located and called back by our operators in order to know the situation and to provide you with assistance until you are taken care of by the emergency services.

Medical, mechanical, administrative problems... Whatever the reasons, the hours or the days, with Alertguard you will always find a person to find a solution to your problems. Our operators remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in case of emergency or in your steps. The information collected allows us to ensure a better follow-up and thus a better coordination of the various next missions of your teams.

How does it work?

A riot, a medical emergency, a fire or a vehicle breakdown ... With Alertguard, benefit from a reliable assistance no matter what situation you are in.

Our application allows an optimal management of emergency situations through a quick response, a connection with competent professionals (from the public and private sectors) and innovative technological solutions (geolocation, call conference, alert reports...)

In one sentence, with Alertguard, never be alone in an emergency situation again.

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types of alerts

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